Stichproben Nr. 39/2020


With a Special Section on Literature and Literary Studies in Kenya

herausgegeben von Martina Kopf und Daniela Waldburger


Artikel / Articles

Mansa Koli Bojang, the Last King of Kombo and his British Ally: Loyalty meets Neutrality

Sebastian Forst


On the Relevance of Using Social Media Platforms as Archives for the Writing of African History

Birgit Englert and Immanuel R. Harisch

A legal-political commentary on the strained relationship between Africa and the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the prospects of the extended African Court of Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR)

C. F. Neels Swanepoel


Special Section on Literature and Literary Studies in Kenya


Martina Kopf, Daniela Waldburger


Literatur in Nairobi und der Wunsch, Kenia neu zu erfinden

Martina Kopf


“If I would not have been imprisoned, maybe I would not have written any poetry ” - a conversation with Abdilatif Abdalla

by Daniela Waldburger

“Looking at all the background behind the story” - Interview with Doseline Kiguru

by Martina Kopf



A Short Story by Doseline Kiguru


Policing with a human face

An essay by T. Michael Mboya

Review essay on “Dialogues on African Literature, Film and Theatre”. LIFT – The Journal of Literature and Performing Arts, n 1 (2019). Eldoret: Moi University Press.

Martina Kopf


Readers Note and Review

Dominik Spörker: Growing up with Apartheid. A Reader’s Note on NOAH, Trevor. 2017. Born a Crime. Stories from a South African Childhood. New York: Spiegel & Grau. 304 pp.


Eric Burton: Rezension von BISSELL, William Cunningham / FOUÉRÉ, Marie-Aude (eds.). 2018. Social Memory, Silenced Voices, and Political Struggle. Remembering the Revolution in Zanzibar. Dar es Salaam: Mkuki na Nyota. 385 Seiten.

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