Stichproben Nr. 44/2023

Special Issue

Across Landscapes of Hierarchy and Belonging - Social Meanings of Spatial Im/Mobility

edited by Daniela Atanasova and Martha Lagace



Martha Lagace and Daniela Atanasova


Acholi Royal Messengers: Mobility of Information and Goods in Northern Uganda, 1870s to 1920

Patrick W. Otim


“Meet Interesting People”: Social and Spatial Mobility in Nshila, a Magazine for Africans in Colonial Zambia, 1958–1963

Daniela Atanasova


Some Contemporary Forms of Chinese Transnational Mobilities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Leander Schneider


Rootedness: Framing Interactions between Adult Migrants and their Non-Migrant Parents in Ghanaian Transnational Families

Esther Asenso-Agyemang


“The Móodu-móodu (Émigré) Deserves a Decent Burial Too”: Senegalese Migrants and the Politics of Repatriation during COVID-19

Gana Ndiaye



ROBERTS, George. 2021. Revolutionary State-Making in Dar es Salaam. African Liberation and the Global Cold War, 1961–1974. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 329 pages. ISBN 978-1-108-84573-1

Eric Burton

KUEPPERS-BRAUN, Ute. 2021. Gekauft im Namen des Herrn. Afrikanische Kindersklaven in europäischen Klöstern im 19. Jahrhundert. Katholische Mission, Menschenhandel und religiöser Rassismus. Münster: Aschendorff Verlag, 429 Seiten. ISBN: 978-3-402-24814-0

Clemens Gütl


Edlinger, Fritz/ Lanier, Günther (Hg.). 2022. Krisenregion Sahel. Hintergründe, Analysen, Berichte. Wien: Promedia Verlag. 256 Seiten. ISBN 978-3-85371-501-7

Martina Gajdos